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Monday, December 19, 2005

   much better.....

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Name: Sara
Birthdate: February 5, 1990
Member since: 04/03/05
Location:California, USA
Occupation: Lazy person
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okie doke. I'm finally back...not that I was gone long or anything. lol. Well the situation with the accusation with the drawing has been settled. She finally admited she was wrong to "accuse" me of stealing art. But what she meant to say was that I redrew another fanart by a japanese artist. But yeah. She apologized for accusing me of stealing. ^_^ But still....she made it sound like I was the bad guy here. heh..but I'm over it now.

Well the top "9" in BlAiZeD's contest was chosen and I would DEEPLY appreciate it if you'll vote for me...the last time i checked i was third palce TT.TT i guess thats what happens when you dont ask people to vote for you huh? HAHA anyways. thanks to those loyal to me and have voted for me inthe past and present. love you guys so much!!! *hugs you all* you guys rock!!!!

ok well on saturday my parents hosted a "business party" even though it wasnt techniquely a business party. haha. most of the people there i never met or seen them before. but it was pretty fun since later on that night the people had a raffle!!! I WON!!!....well alot of people won but still...my first time winning a raffle >.< yes...sad...but hey!! i wont a gift card for best buy!! WOOT!!yeah...than later that night we went bowling again with my sisters friends. but we had to wait a long time so we stopped by this cafe and played uno >.< i won!!!

then sunday..went to art class.boring. then worked on my new layout for my graphcis site. im gonan totally redo it!! yup. this time im defintely gonna work on it. and the winter break is really gonna help out. YES!! well not until the 23rd. =_= damn you school!!! but yeah. heres a little sample of the layout. XP

and yeah. i just need to edit some stuff and then im officially done!!! GASP! oh yeah..i also need to make brand new graphics for it too *sigh* im such a hard worker....PFT.

woot!! go heero x duo!! theyre so cute XPP

you wanna see something so disturbing that it even got me going "o_O"?? click HERE...its seriously disturbing...you will literally be like o_O....

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