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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

   why worry...

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well sorry for the late update again. i was just finishing my late bio homwork. haha. i also needed to fix some stuff ofr my english project...man...teachers really hate me. =_=......well i guess ill have a shortened post....cant wait till ill be able to have those long posts that no one actualyl read through the whole entire thing. haha....yes i know...i talk WAY too much..its somwhat sad how i cant shut my mouth...

k this morning it was raining again. rain is awesome until i get soaked....whcih i did. so i ran right back into the house to get my umbrelly. ^_^ i have a test tomorrow in drivers ed...*twitch*...today swung golf clubs again..sadly this time i wasnt able to aim for that evil butthole. x] darn. haha. but i DID almost hit someone with the club this time. haha. that was close. got my bio test back from frieday. TT.TT i didnt do as good as i had hoped. *sigh* i seriously need to study....and pay attention....but i beat the stupid senior in front of me. BWAHAHHAHA!! i seriously dont know how he got into USC and getting a D in bio...what a dummy. even i have a better score than him. tisk tisk. then after school had to walk home. TT.TT my friend was supposed to bring me home, but being the stupid dumbutt she is she offered to bring three other people home...she forgot about me so there wasnt enough room so i had to walk home. *sigh* i was so pissed....its ok..ill just kill her tomorrow morning. >D *rubs hand together evily*

well nothing special going on...im about halfway done with the name animation in class.....man....there are so many frames...@_@ i lost count a LONG time ago. lol. for sure more than 30 so far....man...you realy needa be patient with this assignment....something i dont have. haha. but im ok...i can handle it...cuz im a super duper genius like that....and LS is the super genius!! BWAHAHAH!! we shall PWN you all!!!!!!

well i got a newplayer. hope everyone can see it. it plays five songs. xD yaya! thats cool. enjoy.

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