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Tuesday, October 18, 2005


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Name: Sara
Birthdate: February 5, 1990
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well im finally on my own computer. lol. glad yesterdays pic scared some of you. lol. at first for me it was all freaky but after about 30 seconds i couldnt stop laughing.....i dont know why..it just got funny to me for some reason. LOl.

thanks to those who left a comment from yesterdays drawing!! i really sppreciate it! especially since it was my first ever watercolor so i REALLY needed feedback on it. haha. so maybe sometime in the near future ill do another watercolor if im not too lazy. haha.

k last night was crazy. the thunder and lightning was outta control! i couldnt sleep because of it. haha. but yea during school it was all raining like hell too. like passing period between fifth and sixth it started hailing like a madman!! everyone was all trying to run away from being hit from the chunks of ice. it was hailing so hard i seriously thought it couldve snowed. haha. everyone was all screaming inthe halls.lol. one of our halls was TOTALLY flooded. i mean i was like drowning in there. LOL. you know whta i mean but wow. it was crazy today.

oh yeah. happy belated bday to katocool and happy anniversary to EAMR!! xD well i think thats pretty much all...hm..this post was shorter than i though it would be. lol. well at least this time i have wallpaper and new pic of hte day. xD

wallpaper by dioma

haha i love kisames line....finding nemo ROCKS!!!!

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