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Monday, October 17, 2005

   one little two little three little indians......

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hey guys! sorry for the late update! i finally got off my lazy fat ass and finished my english project today! w00t!! go me!! ill try to leave this post short too. hopefully tomorrow ill have a long post just so you have to read more. BWAHAHAHAHAH!!!

k woke feeling WONDERFUL! you know why? cmon guess!! and NO its not because its sunday [i hate sundays cuz you know tomorrow is monday DX]....well if your a guy you probly dont want to know. i had the best dream ive ever had in YEARS! in my dream was the hottest guy with six packs ever. and what was he doing? hanging out with ME!!! i think i was even drooling in my dream. LOL. man...that was so hott. xD...then i went to art class. finally got my watercolor picture done! woot!! have i told you its my first watercolor ever? click thumb to comment! xD

ohyeah. last night it rained!!! YAY!! cold weather is coming!! yay yay! its still raining outside right now although im not sure how hard. but its cold so im all good. xD im weird. sorry.

if i missed you yesterday. i very sorry. i didnt have time since i was [amazingly] working on my project. *claps* yay for me. xD

im on my dads comp again but i will have a new pic today. xD


haha this got me laughing really hard after a while. haha.

LMAO!!! cool huh?

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