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Sunday, October 16, 2005

   gah gah

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well thi is once again gonna bea short post like yesterday. and YES it is considered short....to me. if you havent noticed..i usually have SUPER long posts. xD well todays posts is gonna be short cuz i forgot to do my english project today so im gonna start working on it right after i update. *sigh* i hate SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!

k this morning[saturday] i woke up thinking it was friday. TT.TT so i got outta bed at like 6:20 for nothing. =_= i hate it when that happens! ARGH!!! *kills chair* so i fell back asleep after smackingmyself a few times. lol.[i didnt really smack...buti realyl wanted to. then went bowling. won all four games. the opposig team had low averages but SUPER high handicap. their were about three times more than ours. ours is 78, theirs is 221 more than ours. =_= but ALMOST lost one of the games. phew. then went home. and did aboslutely nothing.

thanks for the comments yesterday for the pic. i really now how EAMR must feel like now. ya know...about people faking the comments. but thanks to the ones who actually cared enough to leave a comment. ^_^ you guys rock! and yes i will color once i have time next week. i know for sure i wont have time this weekend cuz of m stupid project. GRR.

well thats pretty much it. oh yeah. LS. dont worry i WILL bring it. oh hoo hoo. ill bring it alright. >] just watch your back!!! BWAHHAHAHAHAH!!!!

its gonne be an old pic today. im on my dads computer [since mine cant copy and paste] so i cant access my computer.

LMAO. i just love this comic to much. haha.

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