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Saturday, October 15, 2005


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sorry i couldnt get to some of your sites yesterday TT.TT i forgot i had to go to my friends house to finish my english project so i had to go today. its due monday. haha. baka jigglyness. xp well ill try to sum up this post pretty short cuz i gotta go to sleep. @_@ haha lots of you guys mentioned yesterdays posts was pretty long even though i said i didnt feel like talking...well sometimes when i get too into it i start talking more than i was intending too...haha in this case ALOT more than i though i would..haha....im doing it again...=_= *smacks self*

this morning walked a whole bunch...leg hurts now. took my freakin hard mandarin quiz. but i think i aced it so im a-ok. then took a bio pretest...probably failed that also. haha. did this mini quiz thing where you couldnt sit down till you answered a question correctly. my seat partner bet that he would sit before me....HAH! i sat down before him!! OWN3D!!!!!!! *cough* then had anther test in geometry. im pretty sure i aced that too since were doing the easy profs right now...id would know...i already took this class =_=;.........

and like i said yesterday...here is just hte lineart of the drawing im doing for a halloween contest hosted by narutofan.com.

well hope you guys enjoy that. ^_^

hm...anything else?...eh...i think thats it...if i missed anything..ill just post it in tomorrows post or seomthing. xD ill definitely try to visit all of you guys later on today after bowling. xD today tomorrow....same thing. xD good night.....

no wallpaper today. sorry.

i want one of those!!! xDD

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