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Friday, October 14, 2005

   boom shakalaka

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eh..i dont really feel like talking right now. @_@ too tired...still needa finish my hermes research for the presentation that i have to do on monday. bleh.....i dont wanna TT.TT

anyways. this morning almost killed someone. haha we were doing full swings with our golf clubs and my ball went flying across the gym and was like 2 inches away from someones face. lol. damn...so close too....haha. i dont like her. shes an evil butthole. xp then in second period started a new drawing while waiting for my teacher to get ready for class. its actually for a halloween drawing contest at narutofan.com. its itachi taking off a mask. BWAHAHHA!! i think its probly one of hte most detailed pics ive ever drawn when i wasnt forced to draw. haha. ill try to scan it in tomorrow. ^_^ i know im gonna color it so im gonna first show you guys the non-colored...then when im done ill let you guys see the fully colored one. ^_^ this time i will be doing it with color pencils of course. haha.

then when i was going into the girls bathroom during fifth period this girl randomly just asked me if i wanted to see her tongue. LOL. so i just said sure...and wow. its so cool!! she has two tongur piercings!! it was awesome....haha...then she said " it F*CKING HURTS!! TT.TT "....LOL. funny. then she left me alone to pee. haa. yeah...so random. then the whole day did practically nothing...just chatted on some forums and yeah...heh.

too lazy to look for any good wallpapers today...there arent many wallpapers here that realyl catch my eye. there are a few but yeah..most of them are so similar and un-unique that i dont even bother. haha. so yeah....if you have any suggestions for wotd's please let me know....myo has ran out of good ones. haha. sorry if this offends any of you..im just really picky when it comes to wallpapers. *sigh*

*whistles* zechs is so hotttt!!! i love him. ^_^ *licks pic* MINE!!!!!!!

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