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Thursday, October 13, 2005

   i lost my seether cd TT.TT

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well letsee um. thanks for all the awesome comments on the drawing from yesterday. i trid my best although it sucked so much...i wanna learn how to color it like the pro's. haha. like have you ever seen ruaki's art...its so freakin awesome!! im so jealous. *sigh* but yeah....my leg is about to fall asleep if i dont get off of it. lol. im planning my attack on LS soon. we'll see who gets to dominate the world first...better watch your back LS....im coming for ya!!

k this morning i actually heard the alarm. haha. amazing. i dont turn it on music becuase that just makes me fall right back asleep...i sleep to music...unless its horrible. haha. like country or something...[no offense so country music lovers out there]. but yeah. but it was freakin dark outside... its like still freakin night time out there. haha. well my friend in drivers ed class got her belly and tongue peirced. haha. she was all talking all funny today. haha. but yeah...she said it hurts...*shudders* one day when i move out [or turn 18] im gonna pierce my lip. teehehe. thats so sexy. xDDD especially on guys *drool*..

well today did the 8 minute buns again. lol. but this time i SOOO belt the burn in the butt. TT.TT it HURTS!! but we first did the 9 minute abs. TT.TT life hates me. lol. then in sixth the guy behind me is so creepy...TT.TT scares me...hes so weird...he has this social problem where he doesnt know how to act when in fron tof people and OMG. so weird....like when he says something stupid...he talks like a freakin valley girl constantly saying "like" after every frikin word. *sigh* i dont like sitting in front of him....he like breathes down my neck. O_O so creepy!!!!

well yeah....trying to find some pretear torrents....anyone know where i can find any? the anime seems so interesting...muST WATCH!!!! O_O well nothing interesting happened today....so im gonna go now. ^_^ ohyeah my mom came home from new york late last night!!! i missed her even though we had the house to ourselves. xD

wallpaper by jigglyness [me]

haha the kh gang...kinda..well just the guys. haha. lookie riku inthe middle!!! YAYA!!!

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