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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

   my hair smells goood xD

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haha yes LS you heard me...im gonna kick you outta the line!!! either that or im gonna cut you...BWAHAHAH!!!!

well anyways. almost lost my right earing in the shower. lol. well last night my friend made me watch this video for this band called nymphetamine. theyre creepy. haha. the guys freakin licks the microphone he sings in...=_= it was so weird. lol. he was all yelling at me when i said it was alright. lol. funny. if you wanna see for yourself go look for it. lol. the songs called 'cradle of filfth'. its pretty gothic looking...but hten again who am i to judge right? lol

well i think im immune to my alarm now..i cant ever hear it...i woke up late again this morning. haha. damn..i need one of those REALLY annoying loud alarms. haha. that'll wake me up. lol.

k then did some golf again. third period is so funny. haha. this guy that sits one seat down from me is so hilarious...haha. cracks me up...its the only thing keeping me from going mad in class. lol. then in bio did a mini lab....everyone keep on freakin surrounding our table. haha. we feel so special. haha. but the teacher [THE GAY ONE!!! COOOLIES!!] was all like "sara.....why is all the sudden REALLY crowded over at your table? o_0" he actually did the eye thing. haha. but yeah..once he actually announced he was gay when this freshman made a stupid comment and used the word gay in a bad way..like ho wyou say something is gay meaning stupid. he got mad at her. i would too...

then in animation i finally started my name animation. im gonna have this guy kick a ball. the ball hits a wall and bounces back and smack the guy in the face. he flies back turns into a rolling ball then crashes into my name...which will zoom out to show my full name. xD i cant wait to work on it!!!! hm...i wonder when im getting my flip book back.....

i was gonna buy some ipod earphones [mine are ripping from too many people pulling on it] but htey didnt have any at radio shack. *sigh* oh well...ill just beg my dad to bring me to the apple store when he comesback from china. my mom was supposed to come home today but shes still not home. TT.TT i wany my mommy.

i am FINALLY done with that i said i was doing yesterday!! yay! it took so damn long to do the hair. haha. well i hope you guys like. its also a pic i did for my 1300 hits!! thanks again you guys!! click thumbnail to see it fully

hope you guys like. xD

ok gotta go "do my homeowrk" now. haha. sorry if i missed you yesterday...i really was working on homeowork. haha. ill try to visit today!!

wallpaper by lukekeith

this has got to be one of the best anime sirius black ive seen yet. haha. he looks absolutely HOTT!!!! *drool*

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