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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

   my housekeeper talke to herself.

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and thats how you do it. haha. anyways. my friend has been trying to get me into all these metal bands. lol. funny. oh yeah. i also finally got my 1300 hits!! w00t!! im also starting on my first ever computer colored fanart. *sigh* its gonna be SOOO horrible. TT.TT you guys might die from the sight of it. *covers your eyes* haah. well yeah...its gonna be horrible enough to kill you..yes..thats my scheme. to blind you all!!! BWHAAHA!!! and then i shall dominate the world!!! after i kick LS outta line. BWAHHAHAHA!!! then no one can stop me!!! and i shall make you allmy slaves. >D

k on with the world....well finished that thing i was helping my sister do . didnt sleep till 2 am . TT.TT woke up at 6:30 (which is considered late to get to zero period on time) and ran outta my room after brushing and peeing. i cant believe i didnt even hear my alarm...which is about 5 inches away from my ear. lol.

did tae bo again in pe. got my mandarin test back. got a 97% on it. YES! but yeah...i beat the guy sitting behind two seats to the left of me. haha. we always have contests to see who can scored higher....now we are officially tie. dammit. i WILL BEAT HIM!!!!!!! [cuz im special like that of course >D] and thats it for school.

i totally forgot to do my homework.....im supposed to be "doing my homework" right now. haha. bbut my parents still arent home. BWAHAHAHH!!!!! so i might have to stay up again doing homework. LOL. how fun...[that was sarcasm folks]......

i keep forgetting to bleach my backpack white...so then i can constantly draw on my backpack and clean it again...then the cycle repeats until it finally dies. then a new backpack...cycles repeats once again. haha. *sigh* i need to remind myself to do it this weekend. xD

well yeah....im gonna go pee after i finish this. ^_^ i pee alot. *cough*...ok that was random....>.>

oh yeah..yesterday some of you thought the drawing was watercolor. its not. the watercolor one is the one im currently workingon in art class every sunday. so yeah....yesterdays pic is in color pencils. ^_^

wallpaper by hirochampion

*whistles* sexy mama!!! forgot where he is from...his name is albel though. >.<

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