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Sunday, October 9, 2005

   gah gah popalacka

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hm..well ive been this alot more lately...ever since i sarted making my blogs like how it is right now, a lot more people have started to do that exact same thing. making their blogs almost exactly like how i make mine...its really irritating ya know...especially when i know they have NEVER even tried to make their blogs like that....now i finally know how SKF feels. haha. it doesnt feel all that nice...maybe i should change my blogs to something else...cuz i dont wanna have something common...i want something that is totally ME not the same with 50 other myotakan ya know? ok....maybe not but still...i cant help but feel that way. lol. *shrugs*

anyways on other news...in our third day of bowling we are already in second place!! YES!!! hell yeah! BUT the bad thing is that my average went so high that i dont even get handicap anymore TT.TT for those who dont know what that is, it is extra points they give you if you are in disadvantage since other teams might have better bowlers. so yeah..i have no more handicap >[ man...i liked handicap too. haha. dammit. but yeah..i guess its also a good sign that im rapidly improving. but today we won 3 out of 4 so im proud of our team...i think this season we might actually win first place. ohyeah...today we finalyl got our trophys for winning second place last season. ^_^ yay!

then after bowling i watched this movie...uh i think it was "Shin Angyou Onshi" i think its a koren anime but spoken in japanese. it was weird..yet cool. but hte movie had no plot whatsoever. all it was about was a guy who had these cool powers and bumps into this guy in the desert. they are attacked by these flesh eating demons. but hte guy he bumps into wants to save his girlfriend who was captured by this feudal lord but gets killed by the demons. when the "cool" [im gonna call him that from now on] guy goes onto the next city he overthrows the feudal lord. but the girl [that guys girlfriend at first] escapes and starts to follow the cool guy...then they go to kick some ass....that pretty much it...kinda plotless if you ask me. haha.

then i sat there and read some fanfics on aff.net. teehehe. EAMR knows what i was reading ^_~ so yeah...oh yeah!! i also joined a new club!! for all you yaoi/yuri lovers out there, there is a new club called " La Yuri & Yaoi " founded by BurningDeamon and co-founded by RinoaSquall4ever. so if you want to join please contact them!! ^_^ and heres the banner i made for that club!! w00t!! YAOI WARNING!!!!!!!!!

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