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Saturday, October 8, 2005

   booga booga!!

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hm..i forgot what i was about to say. haha. uh..*thinks* well i still cant think of what i was about to say so im just gonna blab about anything that goes through my head. haha. lets see...for the flip book i wont be able to scan it in till i get it back from my teacher. she wanted to grade it first so i could bring it home to show you guys. ^_^ so sorry for hte wait...you have to wait even longer now. BWAHAHAHH!! *cough* it wasnt intentional of course...haha. oh yeah. my parents are officially outta the house!! w00t! now i can stay up till forever. MWAHAHAHHA!! and i shall domainate the world!!! BWAHHAHAH!!! BOW TO ME!!!! *cough* i think someone spiked my ice cream. lol. yeah.

well this morning my legs were still sore for some reason. its been like two days now. how weird...but yeah we had to power walk about a little over 2 miles in 1st period. *sigh* so tiring. then in mandarin we had a sub!! YEA!! its weird cuz our sub is also my drivers ed teacher. LOL. funny. but yeah we watched mulan for the bajillionth time in class. you know..me and a bunch of friends know almost all the lines and song lyrics in the movie. its funny. haha. then today during animation i actually finished my flip book. phew. i thought it would take me forever. haha. it actually took me about 2 class periods to finish it. xD go me!! but as i said earlier i wont be getting it back a while later. so yeah. im trying to think of an idea of a animation of my name. TT.TT it sounds easy but its hard.....im like having a brainfart. haha. and geometry. i hate proofs. period.

letsee jsut finished making another wallpaper. yes! i thought it wouldve taken me longer but i finished it in time. BWHAHAHAHH!!! also have a new doodle. click thumbnail.

hm...what else...i think thats it. ^_^

wallpaper by jigglyness [me]

aww!!! so cute!!!!!! *glomps*

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