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Thursday, October 6, 2005


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Name: Sara
Birthdate: February 5, 1990
Member since: 04/03/05
Location:California, USA
Occupation: Lazy person
Hobbies: whatever makes me happy



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well the new hteme is up. i dont like it very much though. so this theme probably wont last until halloween. i jsut couldnt find any good pics of alucard at all. ive searched pretty much through everywhere and they always had the same type of pic of alucard. face shots. i only found a few i could work with. alot of the pics were in HORRIBLE condition. so yeah...i might change it to something else before halloween. lol.

ok if i missed you im sorry. i had lots of hw to do today so i was away from my computer most of the time. and i also had to somehow manage the freakin guild. haha. i need some free time. *sigh*. well anyways. this morning watched a video about how street racing coul affect your life blady blady blah. i already saw it before. but yeah. boring. then in pe today was so painful. @_@ we first did 10 minutes buns..o_0 yeah...it was freakin painful as hell.....i swear...i hate it. then we had to do 8 minutes abs AGAIN! TT.TT it wasnt as painful as before but OMFG. it still hurt like a mother bumper. jeez. then reaserched hermes for english. played a mandarin game in mandarin..no durr....but yeah. the class split into two and my side won!! w00t!! in return my teachers giving us 1 extra test point for tomorrows test!! YAY! so the lowest you can get on the test [if you were on my side] a 1/10. haha. its not a 0!!

then animation, im almost done with my flip book. gonna work on it again after i finish updating. sixth period was boring as ever. were starting on profs. *sigh* i hate proofs more than freshmans. argh. thats how much i hate it. it makes me want to smack someone. haha. *cough*....

ill try to visit later on today. right now im still busy with researching cytotechnologist....whatever that it. LOL. so if im late alittle its not my fault..its the damn homeworks fault!!! *smack s homework* FEH!!

i doubt this person really made the images for hte wallpaper. just lesssend the opacity of the second layer. but its still somwhat good. x]

Warning: mature content ahead. partial nudity!!!

*drool* i can never get enough....NO ONE CAN DISAGREE! or they will get biten by me. ^_^

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