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Tuesday, October 4, 2005

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Name: Sara
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well i decided later on this week that im gonna do a alucard theme. since i dont really like to make themes of hildays [unless its christmas]. but i guess lalucard can be somewhat halloween-ish since hes a vampire....havent watched the series myself but it looks realyl awesome. seems like my type of anime. teehehe. xD but it might be alittle later on than expected cuz my teacher might decided to be mean and jerky and give me lots n lots of hw. argh. but thats only a if so yeah. haha. i guess it'll be fun. xD

ok today woke up so damn early that the sky outside was still dark as hell. haha. i had to kick myself to get myself out of bed. haha. *sigh* i need to sleep earlier...but my body wont sleep. oh well....ill jsut have to drown myself in sleep music. BWAHAHAH!! *cough* anyways...besides that the drivers ed class was pretty boring....took a sample permit test..you shoul duse your horn when: a) another vehicle in in your way b) It may help prevent an accident c) another driver makes a mistake.......which one? im so confused. haha. then we did tae bo again in PE. watched hurcules in english [we had a sub]. partner in mandarin class got yelled at for laughing...o_0 teacher is a real bitch [had her last year also..we have a mutual hating thing going on]. started on my flip book in animation. got bored in math...haha i shortened up about eight hours. w00t! go me. xD

well today wasnt allowed on most of the day cuz my sister felt like being evil again and threatening me. i hate this. so ive only been on for a few hours now. *sigh* oh yeah. changed the song again. i got bored of the other song. its not linkin park - by myself. i like this song. ill change it again when the alucard theme is up. xD

and i also submitted a new sketch. it was pretty quick since i did it during fifth period so yeah. its also gonna be the picim using for my flipbook i mentioned earlier. xD its just a head sketch but i still like it. xD click on thumbnail. ^_^

hm..i think thats it. ill try to visit as many people as i can before i go to bed. ^_^

wallpaper by sesshTaisho


i felt like in a yaoi-ish mood today so yeah. its so cute >3 teehehe.

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