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Monday, October 3, 2005

   i need to kill!!! >D

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<<----haha someone mentioned that yesterdays avi reminded them of this avvi so i thought id post it once again. xD

*sigh* well i dont have much time since i gotta go to sleep WAY earlier than ever since tomorrow i gotta wake up at 6 to get to drivers ed class. argh. i hate waking up early TT.TT i think god hates me....anyways. ill try to sum up this post as short as possible without missing out on the details. xD

this moring woke up to art class. finished my magna carta pic. i like it. ^_^ started on a new pic. im gonna do it in watercolors this time though. its gona be horrible..so look forward to that. haha.

then went home and looked for movie times for "Serenity". also visited some sites. if i forgot your site im sorry once again...im just busy when i dont want to be....like i said....god hates me.....*sigh* then around 4 went to the movies. Serenity was actually pretty good. it keeps you suspended and the girl kicked ass. funny too. haha. i would definitely recommend watching it if you like action. ^_^

came back. ate dinner then mom forced me on the treadmill when she already knew i was tired. grrr. so i ran for about 20 minutes nonstop with her watching me. *glares* i HATE running with a passion...thats why i take fit for life at school...no running.....*rips closest thing to me* GAHH!!!! *kicks leg rest* im somewhat pissed right now. so yeah..ok im done. xD

wallpaper by jigglyness [me]

LMAO. haha look at their faces. haha. so funy. xD

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