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Saturday, October 1, 2005

   the all-amercan rejects - happy endings.

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hiya. ^_^ sorry bout the pic yesterday. i accidently typed the wrong coding for it and it got all messed up. haha. im surprised some of you could even see the wallpaper..cuz i couldnt after i finally took a look at my post. haha. stupid me. well to make up for it..today we get to have TWO pic of hte days! YAY! arent you happy?! YOU ARE HAPPY. ^^

well today i got to sign up for the PSAT's. surprisingly there was a line. haha. looks like im not the only procrastinator. LOL. people people. tisk tisk. haha. i should shut up now....*becomes quiet*....anyways. today had a headache again. i think its the heat getting to me. if you know me well enough, me and cold are best friends. cold and i have a secret organization to go against heat...ironicly, heat is one my close friends best friend, ElvesAteMyRamen. its funny. haha. but its alright. she secretly has a thing against cold too...i know it.....haha. anyways...back on subject. the heat hate me so its gicing me headaches to get back at me for enjoying the cold. TT.TT CURSE YOU HEAT!!!

haha jsut in case you didnt know, myO time is actually eastern time inthe US. so since i live here in CA its three hours back. therefore. when its 12am for myO, its 9pm for me....so theres my explaination. ahah. jsut oin case you were confused about it from yesterdays post....

ok. also drew a new pic. ^_^ click thumbnail to see full size. xD [opens in new window]

drew this last night before gong to bed. ^_^

and once again a new wallpaper again. it was originally for my graphics site but i liked it so i also made a version for theO. xD so the wallpaper will be inthe wallpaper of the day. x]

on other news. i found out my bio teacher is gay...AND japanese. ^_^ SO COOL!!!!! hes the adviser for the "gay straight alliance" club at school. ^_^ hes cool though. hes so funny and crazy. he comes up with the weirdest ways to remember things. haha. like the periodic table. haha. so funny.

hm...what else....uh..i think thats it. ^_^ *thinks harder* oh yeah. for my most recent drawings im gonna start to color them. so theres that coming up soon. ^_^ well tomorrow is bowling so im gonna go to sleep early....hah remember last week...my brother forgot to wake me up and then got pissed at me....o_0 haha. i live such a weird life....*sigh*

wallpaper by jigglyness [moi]

yesterdays pic. ^_^


haha. this pic got me chuckling. its cute. ^_^ go haku!!

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