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Friday, September 30, 2005

   im a superstar. xD

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well im on my dads computer. haha. i got too lazy to type every single litle thing since i cant copy and paste. so here i am. x]....eh..ok that was boring. nothing much hapend today so this might be a short post. lol.

ok turned in my drivers ed forms today. i was surprised the ladies didnt yell at me. i heard they were always realy mean and everything...but i guess today there were in a real good mood. haha. also forgot to sign up for PSAT's. dammit. ill sign up tomorrow...the last day. lol.im such a procrastinator. i need to stop this habit..i havent even done my science hw yet. lol. i need someone to smack me or something. lol....ok...dont smack me..

also had this MAJOR headache...TT.TT i kept smacking my head....then it went away after sixth period...*sigh* life hates me. lol. then spent the rest of the day making the damn webbie for the gulid again. this time i got most of it done. so if i didnt visit you im terribly sorry. i was working all day on that. but i WILL visit tomorrow/today..depends on how you see it. while its friday for you guys, right now its still thursday for me. lol...i hate it...so whenever i say tomorrow it means the current day for myO. when i say today..it means the day before...that im always talking about school on saturdays and bowling on sunday when its at saturday. lol. yeah...thats it. xD hope i didnt bore you too much. ^_^

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haha. haha. funny. oroch likes boys!!! just like me!! GAH!! we must be best friends now. ^_^ oroch is awesome!!! *chases after oroch*

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