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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

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Name: Sara
Birthdate: February 5, 1990
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well ive noticed that myO has been much faster than it was yesterday for sure. lol. thats a goo dimprovement. but its still a little laggish but im all good. ^_^ ok. this morning woke up thinking it was saturday TT.TT i hate it when my mind does that to me...it makes me feel so sad. haha. *sigh*

today had this stuid assembly about school stuff. it was with the councelors. pretty boring..just talking about what classes we needed to take to get diplomas and all that stuff we already knew. haha. yeah...gotta turn in my drivers ed form in soon or else im gonna miss the class and gonna have to look somewhere else. TT.TT im kinda behind but oh well....its still all good. x] then i also need to start taking the PSAT's. *sigh* too much to do lately. TT.TT i HATE school!!!!

then in animation finally finished watching samurai x: trust and betrayal directors cut. BWAHAHAAHH!!! but the movie is so sad...TT.TT i always tear up when kenshin...wait....cant spoil it for anyone. haha. it ALMOST slipped. teehehe. bad me...then in math we had a test...the teacher freakin gave us trick questions!!! i was all freaking out and everything....lol.

well thanks guys for all the comments about my new drawing. i was thinking about coloring it manually but i dunno....my coloring skills have been lacking...maybe i should get someone to color it with photoshop for me...hm....who to ask.....

and i dont have that wallpaper i said i was gonna make. haha. totally didnt have enough time to do it. i was working on my brand new site ALL day.and here it is:

ok guys. ive created a graphics site just for the users of MyO. please go give it a visit. it might not be much now [since i just started today] BUT i will have lots of stuff in it soon. here are the buttons/links to the site:


yupp. made JUST for you guys. ^_^ see...you are are so special. xD

Wallpaper by Moniquiu

yupp thats when kadaj summons that HUGE monster thingy. i forgot its name. haha. im such a disgrace. TT.TT but yeah. i thought that was cool in the movie. xD

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