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Tuesday, September 27, 2005


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Name: Sara
Birthdate: February 5, 1990
Member since: 04/03/05
Location:California, USA
Occupation: Lazy person
Hobbies: whatever makes me happy



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*sigh* myO is REALLY starting to tick me off with the server...i dunno...i just dont have the patience anymore. lol. well adam posted that they were gonna add a new machine/server pretty soon so im glad that'll happen. supposedly its their fourth one....haha. but i CANT TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!!!!!! *starts blowing stuff up* *breathes*..ok...im all good...

well anyways. school wasnt exactly fun. we started the tai-bo [sp?] videos today. even though we only got through like 3 minutes of it cuz of the bell schedule. tomorrow the counselors wanted to talk to us about graduation and all that crap so we're on shortened schedule. then during lunch the tree above us started pee-ing on me..=_= either that or it was sprinkling on a sunny day...o_0..k then watched some of the sumari x movie i brought in for animation class....i was thinking about bringing in the reflections one but yea...im not realyl sure if my teacher will let me bring in a burned dvd...since its illegal and everything....*cough* you never read any of this concerning a movie or dvd.....

after school i had to go help my dad develop some film at all these drug pharmacy places but for some strange reason all their machines weren't working....so we only got a few done. then came home about a few hours later. and myO started to piss me off again with its excesice slowness....=_= so i got sick of it and just went downstairs and watched some chinese movies again. BWAHAH! sorry i couldnt visit some of ya...myO was being a pain in teh ass and took too long to load....and judging by how impatient i am with a page loading for more than 20 seconds....i totaly quit trying to visit and killed things elsewhere. lol. so many sorries and ill try to get to your sites this time if i dont get to psycho again. xD made new banners for myself but it wouldnt match this theme so im not gonna post it up. xD BUT i finalyl got off my lazy ass today and uploaded the drawing i did last night...even though i said i would upload a different one..=_= but who cares?! haah. linkage [opens in new window]. and hoprfully ill have another wallpaper up tomorrow with some more of my recent drawings. xD

i like fluffy things ^_^ *pats chair* teehehe. *runs off blowing thigns up again*

wallpaper by DuoMaxwell206

haha. itachi is so persuasive. i shall learn his techniques!!!! but that is a good way to do it. lol.

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