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Monday, September 26, 2005

   im itchy......@_@

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haha. yes i like it hot sizzling. haha. *cough* ok..that was weird....does anyone know why myO is going so slow lately....i mean really....its been SOO clow for everyone...i wonder if its the traffic like what happened when myO had the first 100,000 members....hm....*thinks hard* well off that subject. ok. this morning for some reason i woke up earlier than i was supposed to....i wanted to hit myself for it...i think i woke up at like 8 when my art class started at 10. i mean usually id wake up at 9:30 by my mom banging at my door telling me to hurry up and get ready...it was realy weird...but yeah. got the pic i did in art class back. ill try to upload it soon...ive been feeling like REALLY lazybum lately. haha. but Ii NEED to get off my lazy ass and move or im gonan gain all the weight back!! >[ grr...*runs around in circles*...

on our way back from the gym we visited my aunt...i think she made me gain like 5 pounds from feeding me....she has a lot of food at her house since her kids LOVE junk food...and being hte junkie i am, i gobbled it up. TT.TT someone needs to stop me!!!!

anyways...got home around 3. and visited some people who updated. then i had to go help my sister wash her car yet again. lol. i was leaning down to wash her rims then all of a sudden she freakin sprayed my butt D< i was SOO pissed off. i almost killed her...shes lucky i fell on the floor cuz it was slippery....grrr...ill ge ther back....

so that was pretty much it...oh yeah. i made yet another wallpaper. the link will be in the wallpaper of hte day. xD im especially proud of this one cuz i personally think its the best ive done in a long time. ^_^ *points below*

fanart of athrun and kira. athrun is supposedly teaching kira how to make one of those halo thingy majiggers. haha. xD i like how its drawn..looks almost exactly like hte anime....^_^

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