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Saturday, September 24, 2005

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haha. well sorry for not visiting you guys!! I TRULY am. i wasnt home all day so yea....ill defintely try to get to everyone today. but i was at the football game today so yea. haha. k..this morning came to school but then my sister came through the wrong entrance so i had to be dropped off instead of going into the parking lot withher...cuz if i stayed i woulda been late to school and i am NEVER late for anything...teehehe. well yea. we walked off campus for pe today. teacher said we walked about 1.9 miles in 25 minutes...not bad. haha. anyways. third period played chinese charades. lol. it was hilarious cuz we gave them a sentence saying "i see paris hilton eat sushi".....LMAO. it was so funy seeing them trying to act it out. HAHA i was like laughing my brains out. xDDD

then in animation class finished princess mononoke and started the samurai x: trust and betrayal. haha. whenever there was blood or someones head brutally cut in half or something all the guys would go..."ooooohh.......ahhhhh.....wooooooww......" haha. it was quite the site. ^_^ i LOVE that movie..haha but like EAMR told me...the third one is so much more sad...id have to agree...i have that on dvd too. and OMG. i almost did cry. TT.TT but sano looks SOOOO cool in the third movie!!!!!!! GAH!!!!!!!!!! he looks SOOO much better than in the series. MWHAHAHH!!!!.

then after school waited for my friend to finish track practice and then walked the the mall for about an hour. then walked back and talked till the football game started...if we got there before the games starts ou get in free..haha. so yea...well the game was awesome. we won 42-21!!! yea!! but one of the football players was already slightly cripled so i was srprised we even won. haha. for like the first half we had like a 35-0. i once again was SOOO surprised cuz al the games i ever went to they lost. lol...weird...it was awesome...even though i was freezing cuz i was stupid enough to forget my damn sweatshirt. heh....my fault...anyways...yea...it was fun. ^_^ i actually slightly get the game now. teehehe. you should be proud....i never knew anything about football at all. lol. well at least i am proud. xDD


well made a new wallpaper. heres the link...samurai champloo. please tell me what you think. ^_^

wallpaper by Jigglyness

haah this was actually a scene from the movie. its reno and yazoo in a fight scene...i forgot which...haha. i need to watch the movie again. hah. xDD yazoo is majorly cooler x]

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