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Friday, September 23, 2005

   i like to eat pears....do you?

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YAY!! i made some changes to my site....although you cant tell of course. ^_^ ill slowly have little changes here and there....i wonder if anyone will notice. haha. well anyways today was pretty good. ^_^

ok i FINALLY got my awards from LordSessh's contest!!!! i was pretty surprised i won three. haha. well here are the banners. xD

THANKS SO MUCH TO THOSE WHO VOTED FOR ME!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!! GAH!!!!!!!!!!! *glomps anyone that comes close*

k on with the day..this morning woke up with a stuffy nose...hate it when that happens...did some golf again in pe. it was pretty boring though....then in mandarin my teacher didnt yell at me this time. haha. for those who dont know about that incident with that picture....the picture was NOT good. haha. you shoulda seen what it looked like....pft. it was so horrible.....she glared at me for the rest of the year. LOL. its weird cuz i always get A's in her test and always turnj in hw yet i got a B- in her class.......o_0 strange huh?

well anwyays.....during bio my teacher acted really weird....he danced at all the most random times. haha. some say he was gay and is married to another man...im not realyl sure...all i know is that hes married...i even saw his wedding band on his left ring finger.....that concludes it...hes married....but to who? o_0 i REALLY wanna know. haha. but hes cool though. ^_^ alot more relaxed than other teachers for sure. lol.

then in animation class we saw the rest of princess mononoke..but didnt finish it...i think on monday after the movie were gonna watch the dvd i brought in. samurai x: trust and betrayal. its so damn good!!! LOTS of blood for sure. BWAHAHHAH!!!! love blood. ^_^ i mean i have some in my body too....whats so wrong with blood? haha. xDD

then in math class i finished everything before it was even half over....i was so damn bored in there. lol. i fell asleep like two times....so boring...i feel too smart for my class. lol. anyways...yeah...after school....waited like forever for my sister to pick me up. i later found out she popped her tire so she had to call her friend to help her..which explains her tardiness to pick me up.. [tardiness? o_0 i sound like a teacher. LOL. ] so yeah...came home..watched new naruto episode...I WANT MORE!!!!!! GAH!!!!!!! NEJI!!!!!!!!!!! lol. gai and lee was so hilarious. haha. the damn curry....LOL. funny as hell....

well moms rushing me to get back to helping her so im gonan end it now. xDD

wallpaper by RedField

aww!!! i love neko boys!!! hes so cute...i love the coloring....if only i could do that...*sigh*....

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