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Thursday, September 22, 2005


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Name: Sara
Birthdate: February 5, 1990
Member since: 04/03/05
Location:California, USA
Occupation: Lazy person
Hobbies: whatever makes me happy



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BWAHHAHA!!!!!! the theme is finally done. spent about almost 3 hours for the graphics. haha. if you havent noticed....i like the color red. x] well i hope you all like it !! i think ill be keeping this one for a little while. xDD the theme features reno and ocassionally you will see rude. ^_^ but thats just cuz theyre cool like that...>.> ok..on with the post.

this morning had another sneeze attack. i thought i was gonna like blow out my whole freakin nose or something. LOL. so yea. i think im allergiv to my sweater...cuz everytime i wear it, i start having sneeze attacks. and whne i take it off, my nose starts clearing up...o_0 is that normal?? and then during pe we had to do this 8 minutes crunch video and OMFG. we were all freakin dying. there were 9 different ways of doing a crunch!! O_O all the girls were literally dying and moaning from pain. lol.

then during mandarin my teacher yelled at me for helping a girl behind me.....=_= i swear...i really think she hates me....i think its cuz she saw this pic i drew of her once. LMAO. yeah...it was horrible.....*cough* so yeah...that maybe the reason she hates me....but she cant realyl hate me cuz im one of the best students in the class..MWHAHAHAHHAH!!!! then during bio i started choking for now reason...everytime i tried to breathe it hurt...i think i was choking on my saliva...im not realyl usre....=_=....

in animation class were watching princess mononoke..ive already watched it like 5 times but its still awesome. haha. i like it when that guy shoots the arrow and out pops the bandits head....LOL. im thinking about bringing in samurai x to the class next time. BWAHAHHA!!! yay for bloody gore movies!!! w00t! haha....sometimes my sister says im not girly enough for a girl...*sigh*

so yeah. got home and didnt really do anything...jsut tried to download more songs..and uh....yeah....k ill stop boring you now. xDD

wallpaper by CrystalAeris

w00t!! i LOVE yazoo. as some of you may know, in the advent children movie....there is a character named kadaj right? well he has two brothers...this pic is the hottest one out of the three siblings!!! MWAHAHAHHAH!!! hes uberly cool....you gotta admit it. teehehe.

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