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Monday, September 19, 2005


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Name: Sara
Birthdate: February 5, 1990
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Location:California, USA
Occupation: Lazy person
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WOW!!!!!!! i jsut watched advent children and WOW!!!! OMFGWTFBBQ!!!!! I LOVE IT SOOOOO MUCH!!!! AHH!!!!!! *breathes* just like how cheza described it...WOW! the graphics so amazing. the best out there...i mean REALLY. no kidding. its so exciting!! i LOVE the bikes kadaj and his gang rides in. so freakin awesome!! and omg!! i even made a list of coolest guys in the movie that i know!!!
well those are the only ones that i have knowledge of their names. haha....imsuch a lsoer...*sigh* oh wells...im so gonna go on a advent children rampage soon!!! AHH!!!!!!!!!

hehe well dont forget to vote for me or EAMR at LordSessh's contest. todays catagorie is fanart i think....i think i lost for the wallpapers..im not sure....i saw a lot of people were voting for cutekilala so yeah...oh well....not that big of a deall..i hope to win at least ONE catagorie in his contest. haha.

k well this morning woke up late again cuz my stupid ass brother forgot to wake me up....then he had the nerve to get mad AT ME!!!! WHAT THE HELL!!! i SHOULD BE THE ONE MAD!!!!! GRRR...i was freakin 15 minutes late for my art class....>[ grr..

well after that we went to do yoga but my mom kicked me out. haha. she wanted me to do something more active. lol. so me and my cousin snuck away and went downstairs to work out instead....haha. then after we went into the main office to talk to one of the gys who worked there. haha. he freakin tried to steal my cell phone. haha. but theyre all cool. lol. well cooler than i actually thought possible for someone who works at ballys. haha. yeah...we talked for almost an hour. LOL.

then we got home and waited for advent children to finish the movie...it took so damn long..lol. i think its like over a gig so yea. haha. its subbed by shinsen subs. so cool!!!

well anyways...yea..also made a new banner for myself. haha. its sesshomaru since hes my all time fav bishie!!!! haha EAMR knows.....shes knows very much. haha. yeah...we were having a bishie happy dance....BWAHAHHAH!!!! anways..the banner will be RIGHT above my post. giv emy feedback pleaes. ^_^

well yeah...thats pretty much today for ya. haha. oh yea...the poll has officially ended. so around tuesday ill have the theme up. xD it was pretty close though.
-gundam seed destiny - 11 [yes cuddy..i did count your vote inhere too]
-fruits basket - 13.

wallpaper by CrystalAeris

wallpaper dedicate to todays post. BWAHAHH!! go vincent!!!!!!

haha and once again the very hot looking vincent valentines. BWAHAHAHH!!!!

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