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Saturday, September 17, 2005

   someone told me pigs die of stupidity.....

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well got in trouble for losing a receipt my mom needed to get some rebate thinger...so now shes pissed at me...*sigh* i mean i thought my mom already knew im not good at keeping track of little pieces of paper?! TT.TT and now shes ignoring me...i told her i couldnt find it....she glared at me and then walked away....i feel so bad. Dx.....but on the the good part of the day...

came to school earlier than usual to pick up my bio book *sigh* i just BARELY made it when the bell rang. lol. i hate school time!!! see i dont really hate the school part...i just mainly hate the time we have to come!! >[ makes me so cranky. lol. but yea..pe walked off campus and walked about a mile and a half around the elementary school pretty close to the high school. came back just on time. phew. well i didnt have enough time to finish my bio homework so i have to turn it in late. grrr...i hate how im so...so...so..irresponsible with where i put things!! ARGH!!! man....i lose everything. >_<

after school my sisters friends scared the crap outta me when they jumped on me ans screamed 'HEY SEXY!!!' when i was walking to the car...i almsot died froma heart attack. lol. jeez.....then went home.

oh yeah. omg neopets is so damn stupid. they freakin suspended my account because when someone asked for a layout, they offered 1k and then i was like 1k is too less...how bout 3k. then they freakin reported me!!! GAH!!!! *steam comes out of head* stupid stupid neopets.....grr....so yea..coudltn realyl do anything but go on myo waiting for more people to update. LOL.

oh yeah...for those who cant hear the sasuke voice player thing on the last pst i think you have to have quicktime to be able to play the file...i dunno....cuz its supposed to look like this....[remember i use mozilla firefox, not internet explorer]

dont forget to vote on the poll for my next theme!!!! [below this post] and to vote for me for 'MOST CREATIVE' on LORDSESSH's contest!!! but remember to only vot eif you actually think im creative. xp

then after dinner watched this SUPER hilarious chinese movie. lol. has anyone seen kung fu hustle? you know the main character? well hes in almost all the funniest chinese movies...this was another by him and OMG. so funny...that guy is also in shaolin soccer. lol. hes so funny. but yeah..lol. funny.....then we got the mom yelling at me then ignoring me....*sigh* shes still ignoring me......i have a bad feeling im not gonna see my next sunrise. TT.TT what if she comes in my room when im sleeping and starts to stab me?! O_O AH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GASP! my moms a KILLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *cough* you know it could happen........

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haha kakashi!!!!! team 7 chibi-fied. ^_^

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