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Friday, September 16, 2005

   cranberry raspberry juice. >.

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well ok. i finally got the poll up. if you scroll down below my post there should be a poll there so you can vote. ill take it down on sunday night. ^_^ anyways. my day...couldnt wake up this morning. stayed up all night doing bio hw. lol. but yea..was almost late to school today. and then during third period we had this realyl stupid assembly jsut to introduce hte new principle. they made us sit ther in the sun listening to people sing the star-spangled banner hirribly. they cracked alot...it was four people too. lol. i always see the same two people sing when we hace events like this...well anyways..after that we had another assembly just for freshman. this years freshmans are all so.....skanky...ugh. it sickens me. they think theyre all cool now htat theyre in high school when everyone inthe school hates them. LOL. during hte first assebly they had to sit next to the seniors. its so funny cuz the seniors HATE the freshmans. LOL. yea...then got a ride after school cuz my sister had to go to a job interview. ^_^ yea...got home. visited some people. did some of my homework. couldnt do bio homework right now cuz i accidently left my bio book in my friends trunk. LOL. whoops. xp stupid me. so yea..gonna try to go to school a little earlier tomorrow...as in friday. its still thursday here. lol.

so yea..need to finish some stuff..making a banner for another old friend. ^_^ oh yeah. i know some of you have been hearing about how sexy sasukes jap voice sounds so heres a little preview. hes saying "My name is Uchiha Sasuke. There are many things I hate and there aren't a lot of things that I like. Also, I have an ambition that I have no intention to leave as just a dream. The revival of my clan and to... kill a certain man." its when he first introduces himself when kakashi asks them about themselves, what they like, what they dislike, their dreams, etrc. well just push the play button and it'll play.

well enjoy. ^_^

wallpaper by element@888

haha chibi drunk inuyasha. ^_^

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