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Thursday, September 15, 2005

   im moving to the sun.

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Name: Sara
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haha sorry i wasnt here yesterday. been SOO freakin busy with school its even funny!!! I HATE SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!! my math teacher creeps me out.....she reminds me of..of...this creepy lady....i cant describe it...shes jsut creepy....in a overly-nice-thinking-we're-still-five kinda nice...*shudders*.....well currently talking to EAMR. shes the only person i can act weird with. BWAHAHAH!! *cough*

well yea. school was ok. animation class is even more boring. all we do is sit there and watch people draw on dvds....BORING. not gonna talk about school anymore. lol. well yea. been working on neopets pretty hard...i barely have time anymore. lol. but dont worry. im gonna dedicate my time on myo for today. xDD teehehe. see...you guys are so special. LOL. but yea...making guild layouts for about 10k and up nps. teehehe. graphics dont come cheap...well at least to me it doesnt. lol.

today people came over for dinner..i was like starving just from the smell....but when i got downstairs..there wasnt realyl anything to eat..its like the good smell suddenly disappeared...TT.TT boohoo. well EAMR is rushing me to finish so im gonna cut this post short. ^_^ enjoy. oh yeah...dont forget to vote for me at LS's contest today. todays catagorie is comedy. xp i know im not funny but if you think i am go vote for me. xDD now im gonna have tp chop chop throught his.

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teehehe. Roy = EAMR & Blank Hayate = Jigglyness. ^_^

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