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Sunday, September 11, 2005

   naruto was horrible!!!!

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hm..well late update again..been trying to find time to get on my comp. sorry if i didnt make it to some of your sites. haha. deeply sorry..ill really try to get to them this time!!! well anyways. this morning went bowling. found out we were tie for first place. but even though we tried our hardest we couldnt win..all three games were really close but they managed to beat us with a higher handicap..*sigh* its kinda sad. haha. o well. but yea..it was our last week of the summer season....the awards assebly thing is on october 1st so yea..we also got our trophies from last season too. they kept on spelling my name wrong..they kept on spelling it 'sarah troung'..its supposed to be spelled 'sara truong' grr. well anyways. got it today for third place last season. this season we got second place. xD

after that we wet out to each with my grandma, uncle, and a few cousins. to answer lindus' question, yes i am very close with my outtwer family. my family loves get togethers so yea...haha. ^_^...anyways. yea..all the kids were there and everything. my ever-so-cute cousin eric was there again!! I LOVE HIM!!!! hes so damn cute. lol. he was all walking around slapping peoples butt. LMAO. his stupid older brother taught him that. lol. yaknow...the cousin that lives with me? yea...his little brother. lol. and then me and him were all squeezing each others faces and giving fob signs. LOL. o yea..synthetic tears..yes i am asian. ^_^ im not sure if everyone knows that. xDD 100% chinese.

so after than some of us went straight for the mall with my grandma. xD my grandma is AWESOME!!!!! i love her to death. xp and yea...i was gonna go to hot topic but my mom didnt let me since the clothes weren't on sale..=_=....grr....but she said maybe next week..haha. i also stopped by radio shack [since i was waiting for my mom to buy some pretzels]and saw the most beautiful jukebox ever!! it was 5 cd changer with 6 giant speakers!! and did i mention it was PURPLE?!!! OMFGWTFBBQ!!!!!!!! it was so beautiful *sniff* and i got sad cuz i knew i cant afford it. lol. $200 + tax. TT.TT i didnt even have a dollar on me. haha. its kinda sad...i need money...i used it all to pay for bowling. TT.TT

so after that we went home and i rested my feet.....i wanted to stop by borders too!! but i couldnt...my mom hates manga/anime or anything not super duper girly or make up. *sigh* me and her are so un-alike...i think thats why i cant really talk to her about anything...just when im acting weird...thats when we can get along..haha. *cougH*

yea..anyways. watched the naruto premier and OMFG!!! THEY TOTALYL RUINED IT!!!!!!!!!! THE VOICES ARE HORRIBLE!!!!!!!! ACK!!! i only saw the last 15 minutes of the second episode and omg. i already knew what would happen. i have officially lost faith in all dubbed anime....totally...they cant even say jutsu right!! GOD DAMMIT!!! AHH!!!! I CANT STAND IT!!!!!! EWWW!!!!!!! MUST KILL!!!!!! *cough* *shudders* oh god...id ont thin kill be able to stand another episode of it..they oughta be ashamed of themselves!! tisk tisk. so yea...im gonna go now to watch escaflowne movie on adult swim. ^_^ ill cisit after...i hope. ^_^



ok ok...naruto wasnt THAT bad it was still considered horrible to me...well....just narutos voice dammit! id ONLY they couldve gotten a better anruto voice i would be satisfied!!!!! ARGH!!!!

ok i feel real bad for forgeting what day it is. as you all know its once again 9-11. i hope all you guys out there dont EVER forget what happened that tragic day. live your life to the fullest and remember to always cherish the things you have cuz it can be taken away just like what happened during 9-11 several years back. dont take things for granted. i wish you all a safe 9-11. spent the day with your family. it'll feel great right after. =]

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