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Friday, September 9, 2005

   i get to be buried in EAMR's backyard.

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haha. well sorry for the late post. got kinda distracted talking to lindsey [EAMR] on aim. haha. anyways....this morning woke up in a freezing iceland also known as 'southern california at 7am'. yes. and also got kicked off hte bed only to fall asleep right on the floor. lol. yea...my evil meanny sister. but yea. this morning was pretty good except we got caught up in traffic...AGAIN!!!! ARGH˛ !!!! yea. does this ever happen to you, your in class and some random person goes up to you and asks you.."hey, arent you 'insert.evil.sibling's' sister/brother??"..well that happened to me today. haha. o wells.

also found out i got dropped back down to geometry. they said i didnt pass the algebra 2 pre-req....dammit. the damn office said i was ok!! LIARS!!!! well yea...that was pretty much the only thin g interesting happening at school. x]

after school went to spend all my money i saved up to go to office depot to buy school supplies. TT.TT i have only four dollars to last me the rest of the week. *sigh* why does everything have ot be so damn expensive?!!!

\and then after dinner i ran with my doggy around the outside of hte house again. we had to bring him back inside after that but he didnt want to so i had to carry him in. he struggled so much!! [EAMR laughed real hard when i said this] he scratched righ above my boobers so theres like three main claw marks still attached to my body. TT.TT now was it THAT funny? hm....i dont htink so...just REALLY painful dammit. haha.

then we went swimming [me and cousin...brother too obsessed with his little games to ge off his lazy ass an dmove around] so i was all doing backbends inthe water and everything. lol. i banged my head against the damn boulders and lost about a bajillion more braincells....AGAin. *sigh* i think i should put pool boulders on my things-that-hate-me list....its started to get REALLY bug lately. haha. *cough* anyways...gtg to bed now. its pretty late...need to get up early again in the morning. TT.TT

wallpaper by SesshTaisho

warning: scary monster ahead

wow. thats one scary winry...haha. dont get her mad or she'll eat you. LMAO.

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