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Wednesday, September 7, 2005


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hey guys. sorry i wasnt around lately and missed all your sites. ive been pretty busy lately. *sigh* k lets explain...monday morning woke up pretty late. around 2pm we went to the mall near rodondo beach [for those who are familiar with southern california] and shopped for like HOURS. well it wasnt really us shopping. it was more my mom shopping. evertytime we asked her for something she would yell at us saying we waste too much money. then at the end of the day she wouldnt stop saying that we cost too much...so i responded 'well mom, when you bring all of us to a MALL its like a LAW to use lots of money'....so she was all saying 'hm...then maybe i shouldnt bring you guys shopping anymore..' so we were all ike ' =_= we didnt mean it like that....' then she walked away...the only thing i managed to get was a pair of really awesome earings and a new pair of shoes. teehehe. i LOVE them....i couldnt pick between the converse ek 2k5 pro or these REALLY nice chuck taylors. TT.TT so i jsut picked one with my eyes closed. ^_^ ..

then later that night we went to the pier for some seafood. ^_^ it was SOO good. i LOVE seafood....well mainly clam chowder and crabs. xD so yummy. then we later went to the arcade place to get some prizes and stuff. lol. we got a car vacuum [is that how you spell it?], a pancake pan, and this HUGE roulette pillow. ^_^ so coolies. xD

when i got home i couldnt update since the next day we would have to go to school...yea great huh? school ona tuesday. *rolls eyes* well yea.

this morning woke up super early since my sister wouldnt stop threatening to kick me off hte bed if i didnt get up. lol. man...waking up at 6:50am iosnt that easy when youve been waking up at 10:30 every morning in the summer >[ wel yea. went to school. it wasnt as bad as i thought it would be but yea. it was pretty good. except in some of my classes i dont know ANYONE. TT.TT its kinda sad. im like a loner there. LMAO. *sigh* o well. at least in mandarin i have friends. xDD

o yea..we found out my mom has allergies against dogs so we have to give away our doggy TT.TTbut its ok cuz my neighbor wants to take care of our dog. ^_^ i know her from school so its all good. she cme over today to see how the dog is. xD she LOVES him. she just needs the dog stuff to take care of him.

well yea. sorry for missing out. lol. ill be my active self again. i promise!! xp

sorry this post is ALOT later than usual. my doggy pooped everywhere so i had to go clean it. *sigh* and then my dads being a coldhearted bastard again. i was getting my baby some water and my housekeeper was all telling me to give him more water or he would die. and my dad has completely made me lose faith in him as a person. he said 'who cares if he dies? just let the stupid dog die...i dont care....' that TOTALLY pissed me OFF!! so im my mind i was all ike 'go to hell you f*cking bastard. im sorry if im not a cold hearted asshole like you to let a baby dog die of thirst. ' GRRRRR. I HATE HIM WITH A PASSION> HES NOT EVEN HUMAN!!! i cant believe i was even ALITTLE but excited he came back from china. i dont blame my mom for not missing him. he f*cking deserves to die lonely. *breathes* ok im done with my awesomely rant. xD i feel much better ^_^

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haha. i would like to ride in a roy mustang. ^_^ foh shizzle.

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