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Monday, September 5, 2005


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Name: Sara
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*sigh* so many things have happened today. im kinda tired now. lol. usually i wouldnt be tired till REALLY late. x] but yea. ok first this morning had to kinda drag my sister our of my bed to get her to bring me to art class. she wouldnt get up. haha. then during art class i FINALLY finished my contest entry [remember the one i was talking bout last time with the chinese newspaper and everything?] i submitted it just now so heres the link for the drawing. feedback/comments please. ^_^ it looks really ugly up close...DX but yea. took two art classes to finish. x]

then after my sister picked me up pretty late so we were late for yoga like 20 minutes. damn...we were supposed to be fifteen minutes early too! she had to go get gas...well during yoga is was actually kinda funny. my cousin was right in from of my and then she all the sudden fell flat on her butt. LMAO. so funny since it was so quiet then al the sudden you here this thud. lol. its alot funnier if you see it yourself. ^_^ and we did the freakin 'plow' again....damn...if only i was flat...LMAO. thats probly the only time our ever gonna here me say that. haha. but yea. damn boobs blocked my face and couldnt breathe....grr...but yea. it was so intense...here. i make a REALLY ugly stick figure for you to see.

haha. yes. its freakin crazy. yes i know...your jealous of my paint skills. LMAO.

then after my sister dropped me off at home then yea. after a while my cousin linda called me to tell me they were cropping off my baby [remember my dog?]. if you dont heres a recap.

aww so cute!!! so when i asked her how long she said 'FOREVER!' so i was all like ' WHAT?!!!' we dont even have dog food yet!! so she gave me a can of food and left. O_O how the hell am i supposed to take care of mydog when we dont even have a freakin doghouse yet?! jeez! so for now all we have is a big box with lots of pillows and carpet. but yea. hopefully tomorrow were gonna go buy all the dog stuff....jeez.

so yea. that all i did today...taking care of a dog takes up so much energy. haha. well sorrry for not visiting some of you guys that updated late. dog distracted me. lol. ill try visiting later on. xD i smell like dog. LMAO.

GASP!!!!! OMG i jsut found out i won first place for blackmagiciangrl's graphics ontest!!!! *jumps like a madman*

YAY!! heres the pic i made for hte contest.


wallpaper by EvilGenius

how to get edward elric to strip

lol. who knew rose had that side to her. LOL. if it was roy id SO do that too. heh.

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