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Saturday, September 3, 2005

   apple juice is so yummy!!

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well sorry for the late update again. haha. its been a habit to get distracted lately. lol. well this morning surprisingly woke up earlier than usual. 9:30. teehehe. then after a while i went to watch more anime. I WANT MORE NARUTO!!!!! *sigh* i gotta wait till wednesday again. haha. gundam seed destiny is so awesome too!!! *rips out hair* i dont wanna wait till wednesday!!!! TT.TT

then after a while i was browsing around graphic sites and everything. then i just BARELY found out about a new graphics program so i like downloaded it right away. its really similar to photoshop but its not....i cant explain it. so i spent like HOURS just trying to figure out how to copy and paste and other stuff....*faints* i know im slow but damn...its freakin confusing. lol. i dont know ho wyou guys with photoshop do it.....*sigh* you crazy people. haha.

then after dinner experimented more with it. w00t!! then around 8:30 my sister came back to bring us to ballys. but when we were driving there i actually find out we werent gonna go to ballys. we went to her bf's house so she could talk to him about their 'relationship' they REALLY needed to talk about it but my sister didnt want my mom to get mad at her so she lied and told her that she was bringing me to the gym. believable story. ^_^ so i stayed inthe car for like almost an hour while my sister was talking to her bf. they decided to take a break for about two weeks. so yea. but i hope they still stay together. theyre such a good couple. haha. that sounded weird....especially since im her sister *shrug* o well. hes cool so yea. xDD i wouldnt mind having him around. hes really dorky. as in personality of course. :D hehe.

yea....boring day. made another wallpaper. not with the new program though. it was BEFORE i got hte new program. ^_^

wallpaper made by me. click image to download

WARNING: the following material contains sexual humor. knowledge of sex education prefered.

LMAO. yes for the country....*cough*

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