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Friday, September 2, 2005

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Name: Sara
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well changed some stuff on my site again....not that you can notice it very much. ^_^ but yea....i wanna do more with this site but i cant think of anything right now. haha i dunno. anyways........this morning woke up with my sisters face in my face again. woke up froma weird noise her cell phone made. heh. then after we ate we went to my moms factory to help out again. SO stuffy in the factory. it felt like dying in a steam room. @_@ i hate it. but yea. stayed there for a few hours. we also decided that we were going to the beach on saturday. first the regular beach then at night go to rodondo beach [where i got that crappy guitar]. yaya! cant wait!!

after that we reserved some lanes for bowling around 4 since we needed to make-up for last week. we didnt go last week cuz my dad came home from china!! ^_^ so we left to my grandmas house first to pick up some stuff. saw my cousins hamster and it was hella nasty. there were all these fly thingies in there. *shudders* so since we were in a rush we cleaned it SUPER fast and left. i think we might pick it up tomorrow too.

when we arrived at the bowling place we bowled and stuff. it was SOO weird sinc ei saw the guy the used to have a crush on me there. *shudders* hes so weird....and annoying. haha. luckily he didnt se eme...at least i think he didnt......*looks around* well yea. hurt my finger inthe process...it hurts like a #%$@&*#$&!!! teehehe. yea. it hurts alot.

came home. had dinner then went swimming. haha. i was all trying to pants my brother and cousin. LOL. i saw lots of tans for sure. LOL. almost killed my brother too. ^_^ fun fun. xDD

i now officially worship EAMR. i am her apprentice and shes my master. MWAAHHAHH!!! and were gonna brainwash the whole world with our color pencils and ramen!!!!!!!!! w00t!!!!!!!! *runs around like a psychotic madman* BWAHAHAH!!!!!!!

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