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Thursday, September 1, 2005

   mr. shamalamadingdong

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Name: Sara
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well sorry for late post. i had to help my mom with some stuff. since she manages a swim suit factory i soemtimes help her by folding the swimsuits and putting them into little bags. it takes skills to be able to go that fast. MWAHHAHAH!!. *cough* haha. well anyways. if you havent noticed i changed a little bit of the intro to my site. it took me forever to get it right. like beyblader has said. myO doesnt let you do some html coding so i was stuck with doing tables instead. :S darn it. haha. well i hope you like. x]

k this morning woke up when my sister was preventing me from breathing by holding my nose. she wouldnt leave me ALONE!!!! i swear. she likes messing around too much...its hard to believe shes two years older than me. *sigh* i think shes gonna be sleeping in my bed for the rest of the summer. *sigh* its kinda sad....for me at least. lol.

took the whole morning getting my page set up and everything. well i didnt have the whole day so yea. since i wake up like 11 everymorning.lol. so took a few hours just trying to sort out the mess aka my site. i dont really like this theme so i might have a poll for a new theme soon. i dunno. it all depends if im lazy or not. LOL.

oh yea. my dad fixed my cell phone. at first it kept on saying i had no signal no matter where i went. i think its becuz the phone is from hong kong. well he chaged some broadband thingy majigger. i dunno. so now it works again!! w00t! now i jsut need to figure out how to put my mp3's as my ringtone. it holds a mini sd card. WEEE.......its hasnt been released anywhere in the world yet...thats why its so cool looking. havent seen it anywhere in the states. MWHAAHAH!! too bad its orange....if it was black id SO take it. hehe. i want a black or purple one. that'll be 'TUBULAR' [stole that from EAMR] HAH.

after dinner we went swimming. have you ever tried floating underneath the water upside down? it feels so funny. haha. we were 'attempting' to wrestle inthe pool. haha. almost drowned like 7 times. haha. ww swam so long that my mom came home [which is already pretty late] and told us to go back into the house before we turned all pruny. haha. when i got out i was all like 'O_O OH MY GOD! ITS F*CKING COLD!!!!!!!!!!' so i ran into the house dripping wet. haha. my mom started screaming at me. LOL. funny. x] after that we helped my mom with like 7 big bags of swimsuits. ^_^ int he middle of that we had some watermelon. luckily i dont like them. haha. after like ten minutes my brother was all throwing up in the restroom. when he came out my cousin ran into the restroom to throw up too. while my brother was waiting for my cousin he needed to throw up again. but my cousin was inthe restroom so he ran to the sink and started throwing up even more. *shudders* and i heard it all.....*shudder* SOOOOO nasty. i felt so sick after that. eww....haha. my sister ate some watermelon too. haha. shes all like 'omg im next...i dont wanna die!!!' luckily she hasnt thrown up yet. haha.

made another wallpaper. ^_^ enjoy.


HAHA. wow. al looks like he lost some weight and for once ed doesnt look so short. HAHA.

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