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Sunday, August 21, 2005


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hiya people. late update. i jsut came back from my 'aunts' wedding. it was so boring. we had to drive all the way to long beach just to eat some weird food. haha. i live in los angeles so its pretty far. especially since there was ALOT of traffic going there. .>[ we even got lost. haha. we went to the wrong freeway. we were suppposed to go on 91 north but we went 91 south. the damn directions messed us up. hmph. lol.

k this morning went to bowling. it wasnt that bad. lost 1 won3. we woulda won all four if my cousin was there like he was supposed to but NO he was at my grandmas hosue sleeping. that little brat.

then after sister made me go to the gym all by myself. almost tripped on the treadmill....again....i was busy watching bmx people on tv fall off the ramps. haha. very itneresting. yea this lady actually fell off hte treadmill. i felt so bad for her. *sigh* poor lady. luckily she was ok. ^_^ then went home for a little bit then got ready fo the wedding. yea..boring day. but i rather be bored at home. hmph. haha. most would be the opposite..hate being home. o well.....im not like normal people. haha.

k i uploaded a new drawing yesterday so please clicky the piccy to votey or commenty. ^_^ hah that sounded so weird...

ill work on the wallpaper today hopefully after art class and yoga. haha. curazy. xD


haha id so want to read that book. it would make an awesome movie for sure. ;]

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