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Thursday, August 18, 2005

i used to love you - kanye west ft john legend

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hey there people. haha. for once i kinda have ntohing to talk about. this morning woke up completely wrapped in my blanket like a cocoon. lol. i almost fell out of bed trying to e tout of em. lol. then after a few hours on the computer [my mom totally forgot about my computer time limit..teehehe] i went downstairs to play LOTR: return of the king on the gamecube. we had to everything all over again since my little cousin lost my precious awesomely cool BLACK memory card TT_TT damn him....i couldnt do anything to him since he was only three years old. grr...lucky little brat. lol. so yea...i havent played that game in so long. haha. like always i was legolas. woot! i kept on dying. haha. but after a while i finally got hte hang of it. ^_^ we beat like almost 70% of the game in just a few hours. haha. awesomeness!!

during dinner my uncle [by marriage] cam eover with some guy to se eif you could fix our ac system. for some reason you cant feel it in my sisters and my room. its weird....later on my sister felt REALLY cranky so she decided not to go to the gym. haha. so that means i dont go either....since i kinda dont have a drivers license yet...ya know.....haha. well nothing else to talk about...ill try uploading my new drawing later on. ill also start doing wallpapers again now that i have nothing to do. haha.

oh yea dont forget to vote for me for EdwardElricFan's contest. vote for me for anything that you think i should be voted for. ^_^ but only vote if you like my site or whatever catagorie your voting me for. ^_^

slight spoiler if you do NOT know hwo hakudoushi is.


haha poor kagura. that must've hurt....

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