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Monday, August 15, 2005

   7 days of heaven - fall out boy

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ah sorry for the late update. my mom wouldnt let me go on until i cleaned me roon >[ grr. but befor ei could even clean my room we had to change every single damn light in the house. take in mind that its a two story, 7 bedroom house. =_=. it took FOREVER. we have over 50 lights in our house. there is at least 5 in each room [not counting the bedrooms]....TT_TT i was in hell.

ok before i go on..*cough* PLEASE VOTE FOR ME IN EDWARDELRICFAN'S CONTEST! THANKS FOR THOSE WHO VOTED FO RME ALREADY!!! LOVE YOU ALL!!the results are in the most recent update. you guys will only have to suffer until the 18th. lol. if you can vote for me until then id be VERY greatful to your kindness ^_^

sorry but the contest results will not be done till probly in the middle of this week. for some reason when i want to be busy i have absolutely nothing to do and when i dont wanna be busy [ for isntance...today ] i have to be busy. >[ i think fate is against me. lol. yea ok. my day. woke up at 9:30 [very early for me]. my mom FINALLY signed me up for this art thing. the weird thing is that we're going to her house. when i first was told that i was all like 'o_0 suspicious...' but at ten we went to the class and it wasnt all that bad. alot better than the other place i used to go with the nasty teacher with horrible breath. lol. yea the lady was pretty fun. she let me sneak some candy to eat even though i told her i wasnt allowed. lol. but yea. she said i was talented in coloring. lol. too bad im way too lazy to color anything in my spare time. haha. since most of the art i submit, its all lineart. nothing colored. lol. then after that we went straight to the gym to the yoga class again. but we were a little late. haha. this time is wasnt as painful as last time. lol.

then after that we went to target for about an hour. bought myself some stuff. teeehehe. nothing for my sister, MWAHHAHAHH!!! i saw the coolest spongebob body pillow EVER! i wanted it so bad but my mom said 'NO its too expensive."....is $25 expensive for a body pillow? ive never gotten one so i dunno. *shrug* then we drove all the way home again to pick up my brother and then went ALL the way to my grandmas house. my cousins from new york were there to visit my grandma. theyre so weirrd. lol. they always laugh at everything i do. they would stop following me either. haha. too bad i couldnt use their computer there. TT_TT it was torture. but i guess its ok since i got to beat up my little cousin. that little biatch wouldnt stop kicking me in the butt so i kicked his ass. HMPH. he had it coming. that little brat. *kicks at nothing*

when we finally got home it was around 8:30. [ myO time is 11:30 ] so after dinner i went straight to my computer but my mom kicked me off as soon as i got on. >[ grr again. thats when she made me do all the lights. *sigh* i officially hate house work. period. i dont know how some of you guys can stand it....so that left me with NO time to do anything but update....which is right now. lol. so ill try to visit everyone today. hopefully. lol. my friend list is all big again. haha. just wheni thought it was gonna be easy to visit everyones site....BAM it gets big again....it takes FOREVER to visit everyone. haha.

update on current injuries. scratch is gone. but this time i have a whole bunch of cuts from cutting open the damn plastic things that held the florescent bulbs. =_=x. my body seems to like to get injured. haha. oh yea. my right butt cheek stil hurts from a few days ago. i fail to tell you guys that before. LOL.


haha. go shika!!! hes my new idol. well only his laziness....lol. my hero. x]

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