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Saturday, August 13, 2005

   angel with an even filthier soul - hawthorn heights

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Name: Sara
Birthdate: February 5, 1990
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YAY!!!!!!!! i didnt need my computer to be "killed"!!! im so happy! when i turned my computer on it all the sudden started working again!! OMG! haha. and i was all freaking that my cousin would come. haha. but it turned out that he was busy and coudnt come. phew. at least now he knows not to come anymore. teehehe. anyways.

the contest is officially over now. i should have the scores by monday. hopefully. thats if all the judges get the scores in on time. if not then ill jsut not add their scores in. for some that may be a good thing. haha. anyways. speaking of contests. can you PLEASE vote for me for 'best site theme' and 'best wallpapers' for EdwardElricFan's contest. thanks very much to those who have voted for me!!! oh yea. if any of you guys know about a contest going on that id be interested in can you please tell me? i LOVE to comete in contests. lol. even though i STILL havent won anythig yet. haha. o well.

k today woke up and surprisingly it was sunny. *nods slowly* thats kinda weird since every morninb i waske up and its damn stuffy. but this morning it actually felt good. haha. yea then spent a lot of time on my dads computer. played a whole bunch of neopets. haha. i posted over 200 messages in my guild. MWAHAHHA! but im hoping to get into the council soon. i hope. thats if the leader will actually pick the council. she recently had to kick three people out of council. ok. enough neopets talk. lol.

i was thinking about uploading a new drawing but ive been so lazy lately so i dunno. ^_^

after dinner went to gym and stuff. sweat like a piggy. haha. then went to starbucks.....again. but this time ive learned to handle the urge to kill my sister. haha. jsut think of the precious puppy waiting for me. haha. SO CUTE!!!!

o yea earlier today i tripped over a open desk drawer and now theres a dent in my leg.....great huh? then later the drawer fell on my sister and gave her this huge cut-like scratch. LOL. now hse wont stop complaining like a freakin yappy dog. i wanan slap her but shed beat my ass into the ground. shes like one those tiny freaky people. LOL. really weird too.....well nothing else to say so im gonna go watch naruto, bleach, and gundam seed, hehe.

haha well finally a new pic....i think...im not sure if ive posted this before. *shrug*


LMAO! poor kisame. i never knew itachi could cook. he should cook me something sometime. haha.

lookie!! my first time winning awards from sesshlover18's contest!! thanks to those who voted!!!!

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