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Friday, August 12, 2005

   sorry guys

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well my computer has officially been dead. my cousin came over yesterday to check out whats wrong with my computer and said..."ok heres whats gonna happen, sara..tomorrow i will spend the whole day killing your computer...i will save everything into backup disks and totally clean out your computer since your computer is really funky"....=_=x he didnt have to say kill. he really did say that. TT_TT so i wont be able to be on all today on my computer. since right now im on my dads computer. haha. so i cant access any of the pics from my computer. *sigh* my computer is NOT FUNKY!!!!

k for those who already voted for me THANKS!!! for those who didnt yet can you PLEASE vote for me on EdwardElricFan's contest for 'best wallpapers' & 'best site theme'. haha some one voted me for nicest myO. LOL. wow. i didnt know i was nice. ^_^ but thanks for whoever votred me for that. lol. you rock my black socks. x]

k well yesterday woke up feeling kinda good for some weird reason. haha then my cousin came over for the computer thing. after that i spent the whole day on my dad computer playing with neopets since there was absolutely nothing to do. =_= neopets can actually be fun if you chat with people in guilds. haha. anime guild of course. theres like only a few people who talk about the same things i do so its all good. xp then around 5 got ready to go the restaurant for my moms bday. ^_^ my moms real bday is tomorrow but yea. shes gonna turn 39 this year. we also celebrated my aunts bday since he bday was pretty close to my mom in august. x]

the party was really fun. there werent as much kids as i expected but o well. so there was all this weird asian music. so we decided to dance and everthing. lol. me and my aunt we all squeezing each other while dancing. lol. i even lost my heart pin while dancing with her. lol. it was so cool too. T.T it had all these glowing shiny lights. LOL. but yea. there was this raffle to win $350 too! when they called out some persons name, my aunts bf did the funniest thing. he stood up acting excited as if he won and then sat back down. LMAO. OMG. i actually thought it was him. lol. i was laughing my ass off onthe floor after. lol. then later on the people gave away this pool whale inflatable thingy to this old lady. haha. fun. then when we were driving home we got lost. LOL. my mom drove us there but we had to drive back and we had NO idea where we were. lol. wen we were driving back my sister was desperate so she yelled out the window to some random stranger asking is we were going towards san gabriel. LOL. that was weird. when we were almost home i just noticed that the butt warmer was on. haha. no wonder my butt felt like it was burning. haha. butt warmers are so cool. haha. my sisters weird. she wanted coffee at 11pm. what. the. hell. lol. i swear. sometimes i needa slap her.....but then she probly beat me to the ground if i did that....then again i can kill her...but im too nice to do that. lol. *cough* yea right. x]


haha. i wanna learn that jutsu too. seems pretty hard. *nods* lol.

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