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Thursday, August 11, 2005

   why worry

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Name: Sara
Birthdate: February 5, 1990
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Location:California, USA
Occupation: Lazy person
Hobbies: whatever makes me happy



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you can only vote once per day. Just remember that you can either Pm me or leave a comment. results in the comments ARE NOT the real results since most people PM me. The contestants for the theme contest are listed below:

- chubbi_chibies
- MarikMine
- elvesatemyramen
- EdwardElricFan
- Mrs.inuyasha
- BlackMagicianGrl
- Inuyasha96743
- cuddy
- cutechibi
- apoloblue
- angelwolfire
- RinoaSquall4ever

gif made by EAMR. well sorry for the late post. my computer broke down so im using my dads computer. its a little better than mine since it can copy& paste. LOL. i have to wait till tomorrow for my cousin to come to take a look at my computer. i was adjusting my screen resolution and bam. it died on me. T.T so sad. but anyways....

this morning woke up a little earlier than usual. which means im getting more sleep! yay! usually its the opposite. haha. didnt really do anything today. went to the gym and there was this freaky short asian guy there. lol. he was really weird....hed make this squeaky noise every time he came up doing his crunches. then he would describe how to do his 'workout' it was weird. lol. then once again my sister bored me to death by visiting her bf. this time she took three times as long. haha. so i looked through her cell phone and found all these weird pics of me. lol. i deleted some of them....lol. but she doesnt know that. you guys dont know that.....=_=x no one knows....NO ONE!!!! for my lack of interest inmy post ill ask everyone a question.

what kind of dreamcar would you want? [since my mom asked me what car i wanted when i got to drive....she wanted to give me her 7 series bmw..=_=x. jeez]

sorry today will be a old pic since i dont have the pics on my computer...since it doesnt work. xp

rewind: LEE'S KUNAI

LOL. man...im currupting your minds. haha.

EDIT hey can everyone PLEASE vote for me in EdwardElricsFan's contest. you can vote for me on anything you want that is listed on the pink ryuuchi box!! the main ones i really wanna compete in is site theme, best avi, best wallpaper, and best fanart. ^_^ if you vote for me ill love you. haha. ^_^ THANKS!!

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