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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

   dont let me be the last to know.

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third day of hte contest. you may vote by either PMing me or leaving a comment. you can vote once a day. The contestants for the theme contest are listed below:

- chubbi_chibies
- MarikMine
- elvesatemyramen
- EdwardElricFan
- Mrs.inuyasha
- BlackMagicianGrl
- Inuyasha96743
- cuddy
- cutechibi
- apoloblue
- angelwolfire
- RinoaSquall4ever

well sorry for the late update again...[ive been doing this lately] ^_^ i was at the gym again. ecept this time we stopped at starbucks. which realyl sucks cuz im not allowed to drink it. so iw as jsut tanding there suffering while the delicious coffee smell was slowly killing me. *nods sadly* grr. then we stopped by my sis's bf's house. i swear...i needed the restroom and they were taking their time making out with each other.....@_@ jeez. so when she came back from the restroom i was all asking what took so long....and she gave me the stupidest answer ever. she said 'we were having sex out in the street with our clothes on'....=_=x how stupid does she think i am? well anyways. when we dropped off my cousin my sister became a crazy driver. she was all swirving all over the place to throw me around. TT_TT thats so mean.....one day im gonna get her back....

WOW. i got 19 comments. thats my personal record of all time. consider how many people usually comment thats amazing. it went from around 9-11 to 19. thanks guys. you guys rock. ^_^
[ they wouldnt let me type links, 'yaoi' or even 'suck'. damn bastards. i had to retyope everything so much i swear i was gonna break my keyboard. LOL....i get impatient alot. =_=; then later my aunt made us some viet spring rolls. they were yummy. ^_^ that reminds me.....i forgot to swim today. LOl. bad me.

oh yes. also forgot. yesterday posted new fanart. so if you dont mind can you all vote for it. i uploaded two of them one of shikamaru and inuyasha vs. sesshomaru. so if you dont mind, PLEASE go vote/comemnt it!! ^_^ thanks very muchos. xp

teehehe. then earlier i was reading some more fanfics. xD and for that otehr time....I AM NOT NAUGHTY. ^_^ *cough* just yaoi obsessed. MWAHHAHA!!! yaoi is so special to me....id kill to get it.....ill even read rated M fanfics!!!! YOU CANT STOP ME! no one can. ^_^ or else............ill make sure you suffer......*cough* k thats getting weird....


haha....looks like sasuke won....guess you cant realyl say anything bad bout sasuke can ya.....sucks for naruto....

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