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Friday, August 5, 2005

   song stuck in my head @_@

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haha i got this song stuck in my head. ok for sesslover18's contest i know im not gonna win for theme. ALOT more people voted for beyblader for me to win. haha. but im pretty confident for my wallpapers though. but it seems i have some compitition with ayame clyne. but im still pretty confident.....ya know i thought i shoudve also went for fanart but it was too late already. haha. hopefully i win at least one of the ones im in. xp.

ok this morning woke up EARLY to go to my moms work and help out since the lazy old people are super slow and stupid [no offense to old people...though i doubt any of you are old right??..i hope i am....that would just be plain creepy]. so me and my sister worked there till about 10:30 when we needed to drive back and pick up my little brother. man hes so lucky he always gets ride everywhere. used to i had to walk home and whereever i had to go. man....i even had to walk to the mall cuz no one would give me a ride. >[ im hated....lol. anyways...i feel buffer lately. haha. working out my arms like crazy.....MWAHHAH!!! now i can beat up my little brother!! teeehehe. [not that i couldnt already of course. xD] then later went to buy some cereal. haha. rice crackers are SO good....^_^ im so weird....yea then later around 5 my mom made us pull out weeds . it was so tiring....i never knew we had that many weeds. @_@ i HATE garden work....not my thing....not very good at it either. xD

IMPORTANT NOTICE: for the contest please have your sites ready by monday so people can start voting for your sites!! you can still join the contest if you are not already in it!!! VoTE OR DIE!!!!!!!!! *cough* im serious.........im buff now.....i WILL take you down.....^^ teehehe.

haha i forgot to say this in yesterdays post but this is good. xp on sunday when i was waiting for my sister to come out of the restroom this one freaky guy busted in the womens restroom. LOL. stupid old booger. its even weirder since he stried to bust into my sisters booth.....i was outside so i didnt see but everyone else saw. haha. the cop came in and dragegd him out. MWAHHAHA!!! that perverted old fart. LOL.

oh yea..if you have not voted for my fanart please vote for them....to make it easy here are the thumbnails to the page!! GASP!!
click on thumbnail!!!! and vote/comment!!


ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! k i think the guys will DEFINITELY get it!!!!! LOL.

NEW WALLPAPER OF SHIKAMARU!!!! go download please. ^_^ thanks. comments/feedback VERY appreciated. xp

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