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Thursday, August 4, 2005

middle of nowhere.

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well yea...sneaking on my computer [just like how i used to remember? most you might not...it was the old days...]hopefully my sister doesnt walk inthe door....yea two hours a day....that is SOO not enough right?? ok if you havent read yesterdays late post...i just made it to sesslover's myO contest. i made it into the final "theme" and final "wallpapers". so if you dont mind can you please go vote for me? *puppy eyes* ive never won a myO contest before....i know...its sad....considering how long ive been here.....*sighs* anyways.........long post....gonna talk bout the last few days.

saturday: disneyland. went with my cousins. but first went to gym before we left. when we got there it was so damn hot everywhere. we walked everywhere. theres this little kid ride [alice in wonderland] and when we were inside my cousin decided to scream like crazy! its was SO hilarious. but then when we got off the lady started yelling at us. LOL. that was fun. but when we were leaving we totally got lost. LOL. so funny. we were asking EVERYONE that past us where the parking structure was. haha. hilarious......killed my legs from walking so much. haha.

sunday: went to take pics and went to venice beach. first we went to take pics with my cousins at the mall....i didnt realy like how it turned out so im not gonna show it to you guys!! MWAHAHAH!!then we went to venice beach with my other cousins. [like i always say....i have a bajillion cousins....im surprised i remember who all of them are. LOL. ] my little cousins were playing bumper cars while the older cousins hung out and talked. the little kids were so cute..they were getting all excited from the carousel. ^_^ my other baby cousin dylan was all crazy like crazy cuz he wanted to run around the carousel while it was running. haha. so cute.

monday: i dont think i remember what i did. haha. i just remember going swimming with my cousin....

tuesday: stayed home suffering with no internet...xp stayed up all night cutting threads from swimsuits...almost died of boredom and sore knuckles.

wednesday [yesterday] suffered somemore until mid afternoon when i finally got my damn internet back!!! then suffered some more when the two hours of internet time was over....then went swimming and almost killed myself when the snorkling mask tried to choke me to death ^_^ fun fun.

anwyays. during my suffering period did some more wallpapers and fanart. feedback/comments appreciated!!

ill try to visit as many people who update till my sister comes home......im afraid if she catches me id be banned FOREVER! so if you update early....good job. your gonna get comments from me. if not then you just gonna have to get them later on today. MWAHAHHA!!

haha. funny. naruto is so silly. xp

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voting will end AUGUST 13TH!

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