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Saturday, July 30, 2005

sugar were going down

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*sighs* well today wasnt hat bad. took me REALLY long to get up this morning. the stupid cd player kept on skipping on my cd and woke me up like a billion times. but then i cant sleep without music so yea. pissed me off. wanted to kill it. after the gym came home and watched anime most of the time. full moon wo sagashite. [like 8 episodes], naruto, bleach, gundam seed destiny, and tsubasa. tried to look for some prince of tennis but theres a big gap on the episodes. it goes from 153 to 160. dont wanna skip so many episodes so im just gonna wait. ^_^ then i started picking on my brother by telling my housekeeper that he was yelling at me and threatened to kill me in my sleep. haha. its fun to see him suffer. *evil smirk* MWAHAHHA!!! anyways. after we ate dinner we went to swim. my and my cousin pretended to jump inthe pool and ran back in ditching my little brother. LOL. it was so funny. HAHAH!! anwyays. tomorrow or today for some of you guys im going to disneyland with a whole bunch of family. xD its so damn expensive. grr. ill post up some pics when we get back. xD DONT fORGET THe POLL IF YOU HAVE NOT VOTED!!!!! but then again you have a long time since its gonna be there till sesslover18's contets is over. ^_^ and i also need more people for the theme contest. its no fun with so little people. =]

haha kagome thought hed have a tail. LOL. man hilarious. im tired now. ^_^ must go to sleep since im gonna wake up SUPER early cuz my sister still wants to go to the gym and disneyland. so were gonna go before we leave for disneyland. =_=x....

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