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Thursday, July 28, 2005

   cemetery drive

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well yea. this morning same as yesterday except this time we went into the sauna. and OMG. its so freakin hot in there.....i was sweating like a pig. literally.....sweat was dripping off of me like crazy! i was all like @_@ and yea. when i went into the showers i saw lots of naked ladies. LOL. but yea.....your average locker room i guess.....i mean thats what real lockers are like right? you practically see naked people all the time. xp well at least thats what my sister says. haha. yea then after we left around 12 we went to soup plantation for lunch...yupp then my sister dropped me off at borders. ^_^ man she left me there for like almost 6 hours.....i practically read all the manga there already. haha. but yea...finally finished the juvenile orion books there had there....which was 5 volumes. woot!! isshin is so cool....o yea and also bought the second volume of 'sword of the dark ones' its really good. very good art. kinda graphic. lol. i got to see a full view of a butt. haha. they also had a nude pic of the leroy but the censored the privates. lol. i started laughing. everyone stared at me. =_=x lol. but yea...also finished all of the hana kimi books they had there too. which was like 6. its so GOOD!!!!! i want more!!!!!!! yea then i went home......boring.....

for the contest dont forget to visit the site since there is a new rule.

does anyone know where i can get one of those? they look absolutely delicious. ^_^
and heres the poll again. itll end on friday....or tomorrow.

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