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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

   bite to break skin

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this morning got woken up SUPER early....i think it was like 7:30 this morning!!!!! DO YOU KNOW HOW EARLY THAT IS?????!!!! its damn early. TT_TT way too early to wake up for sure.....*sigh* then my sister dragged me to the gym. grr. i hate gyms. first she made me go on the bicycle thingymabobs. >[ yea then we went to the weight room and OMG. im such a weakling. TT_TT me and my sister were like dying. its kinda sad cuz most of the mid-aged women were more in shape than we were. LOL. yea.....

then the rest of the day i worked on the site for hte contest. so if you click the banner above.........IT WILL WORK!!!!!!!! arent you so proud of me? lol. yupp yupp. xp

ok and then after finishing with the site i watched the fourth inuyasha movie.....again. haha. for those who havent seen it...man your missing out!! and its especially good since SESSHY IS IN IT!!!!!!!!!!!! you know this has got to be the longest time ive actually seen my sesshy fight. but the enemy dies of course. MWAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!! anyways. heres my second fav character in the movie...this is SOOO gonna tempt you to watch it. lol.

im not gonna spoil it for you guys so im not saying anymore. MWAHHAHA!!!!

ok now that im starting to get sick of my itachi theme. heres another poll for the next theme. VOTE OR DIE! ^_^ good luck.

i know ive been saying this lately but wallpaper coming soon. im gonna start working on it RIGHT NOW. ^_^ so good day all. xp

ok for the contest rules site. it had been updated so if you have not looked at it, please do. there has been some changes. or else when the time comes, if youve made a mistake in following one of the rules, your site will NOT be judged and counted for.

o yea. something more happier sounding. im done with my wallpapers so please go visit, leave comments, or jsut download it. haha. heres the link its from an anime i currently started watching, "Loveless" its pretty much yaoi/shounen-ai. its so cute tho!! ^_^ go visit....now!

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