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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

   the ground folds

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grr once again late update....ive been doing that alot lately. haha. anyways woke up alone in the house except for hte housekeeper. which i dont mind at all. haha. no people bossing me around. xD anyways didnt really do anything today. around 1 my uncle came with his gf....but i think they married cuz every uncle i have always call her my uncles wife.....it was probly a secret wedding or soemthing. i dunno. but i love his name. we call him uncle duckie. ^_^ thats his real name. haha. and in chinese its pronounced uncle dog [gao]. teehehe. anyways yea. later on after dinner my sister and mom dragged me to balley total fitness. =_=x they said i needed it so i had to go. yea they got me membership and everything. the guys said i was barely old enough to go. haha. but yea the guy was pretty funny. he knew canto too so it was all good. but yea. my mom was all checking out the guys. LOL. hiarious. anyways. heres the pic of my teddy bear named sesshomaru. ^_^

i love his boxers. LOL.
and of course here is the pic of the day. xp sorry if your religious and everything. only meant for a joke.

LOL. do you get it?? i dont wanna explain. x]

ill try to have the site for the contest rules up later on today so watch out for that. x]

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