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Sunday, July 24, 2005

   my world down

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haha sorry for hte late update. i was at my cousin nikkis bday party all day. ok yesterday did horrible in bowling. then after bowling we went to the mall for a little bit to buy some gifts for my cousin nikki. then around 2 we drove over to my aunts house so she can drive us to my cousins house. they live pretty far away from us so we didnt know where exactly they lived. i just know that its in northridge. i think thats far. haha. anyways when we got there we swam ALOT. yea i almost drowned like three times since my other cousin kristy wouldnt stop jumping on my back when i was on the deep end. =_=x. heh. and yea. my other cousin nathan stepped on something in the pool and his toes wouldnt stop bleeding. he had to get out. poor little nathan. haha. but its all good. hes kinda annoying since he cries about anything he doesnt get. so yea. after a while we got out to eat some viet food. MWAHAHHA. i love viet food. especially pho. super awesome. then we went back into the pool again. luckily they had lots of trees so i didnt get burned into a crisp. it was so freakin hot yesterday. no kiddding. *sigh*yea then when we finally got out of the pool again. me and some awesome people/cousins played spoons. LOL. it was SO fun. my aunt lost and we made do all these funny stuff. haha. we made her kiss her bf johnny for 20 seconds while we all stared at them. he ran away so we had to chase him and pin him onto the ground. LOL. it was s damn funny cuz he was screaming. ROFLMAO. *cough* and then we had another game. this time my cousin andrew lost. LOL. we made him jump in the pool with only his boxers. LOL. he lost mainly because the girls around him all had long nails. he didnt wanna get hurt. LOL. but yea. he jumped in the pool. keep in mind it was around 10-11pm at night. lol. thats what made it even funnier. so yea. EVERYONE was cheering him to jump. LOL. man i cant believe i didnt bring a camera. T.T yea then later we stayed in nikkis room to talk bout stuff wile i watched samurai champloo. first time seeing jin kiss someone. O_Ogasp. haha. but i missed like half of inuyasha since we had to go home. T.T i was waiting weeks just to see bankotsu and i had to leave T.T life hates me!!!!!! and yea. didnt get home till like 1 something. didnt wake up this morning till like 10. so now im posting. haha.

ok for the contest. if you had not noticed they banner for the contest rules are up in the header. click it to go to the site for rules. and i do not need anymore judges. i think i alrady have too much . haha. i think i have like almost 7 of them. haha. =_= i dont even think i need that much. haha. the contest will officially start tomorrow so if you wanna join please pm me. it cannot be a maybe or most likely or else i will not put you up on the list. if i do not get enough people up on the list i will have to cancel the contest. so hopefully more people will join. ^_^

and o yea. thanks for the 500 hits!! even though it took such a long time thank you all!! *hugs all*

such a pretty merman. ^_^ once again done by heise from DA. xD

ok for some reason freewebs.com is down so the site for the contest rules and stuff is currently down. i forgot to save all the file and stuff that was on that site so i might make a new site on a different hosting site. the info might be alittle different but it'll mostly be saying the same things. ill try to get the site going up soon when i stp being lazy. haha. and since we have no one in the banner/sig contest that will be cancelled pretty soon. if i do not get any people in that contest by the first week of august its canceled. but then agian not many people seem interested in it. haha. anyways. gotta go. chao mateys. xp

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