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Friday, July 22, 2005

   its been awhile

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YAY!!! i finally got to see the doggie my sisters bf bought us!!!! it pissed on the the floor like three time. lol. but yea it wouldnt stop jumping everywhere. when he sees someone new he goes wild. haha. but yea. he really hated his cage. when i brouhgt him out of hte car he was all crying and screaming in there. *sigh* even when we went to buy some bananas for making shakes he was going like a crazy mad dog. haha. ITS SOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!! if you dont believe me heres the pic!!

anyways. spent the whole day playing with the doggie. we decided to name him "baby" since thats what we constantly called him when we couldnt decide on a name. ^_^ we took him walking and oh man. hes one wild puppy. when i first saw him he wouldnt stop kissing me. haha. and then when he was sleeping he jumped on my and just fell asleep on me!!! ITS WAS SO DAMN CUTE!!!!!! but we cant keep it until i lose ten more pounds. ive lost ten so far and still ned ten more. =_=x. sucks. so theres even more pressure on me to lose weight then ever before. but its ok cuz i really want him too!! so my cousin joan is gonna take care ofhim for us until i lose the weight. man i miss my doggy already. T.T

ok if you had not read the rules and everything for the contest please visit the link here:

and if you dont mind. people that are already in the contest can you help advertise too. since im not all that popular like you guys *cough* i cant get much people to participate in the contest. the more the merrier! thanks a lot if you help ^_^ if you are not sure if your already in the contest look it up onthe site. thanks again.

o yea there is also a new song on the site. ^_^ i love the song so yea. xp

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