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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

   the contest is on!!!

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ok today we finally got our pool table set up in the pool house. but the weird thing is that we dont play pool with it....its a different type of game....very similar to pool but a little different....yea. went swimming but only with my cousin this time. got bored during the day so i played with my collection of sharpies. LOL. yea. im marked. xD ok now then i got some rules down...i will try to put up all the rules and everything up on a osting site as soon as i got it set. ^_^

for the theme contest, the scores will be out of 50 points. [100 just seems like too much for me]. they will also have to be anime or video games. no real people or celebrities. that includes jrockers or jpoppers [is there such a thing???]. it must be ANIME.

for the banners/sig there will not be any points although it is going to be judged on the overal look. you may only submit ONE submission per user. on the sigs you must have your own credits. no plagarism or asking someone else to help you make it. i WILL know. i have my ways. i am not stupid either. the subject of the banner/sig can be anything relating to anime, video games, or any japanese music artists. no american cartoons.

thats all ive gotten together so far but yea. ive only found one person interested in being a judge for the contests. if you think someone you know would be interested please tell them to PM me. be patient and ill get it all set up.

well right now my moms in the pool house/ballroom dancing with her dancing instructor. its fun to watch. haha. *cough* well anyways. thats it for today. xD

haha you will only get it if you read a lot of fanfics. mainly yaoi. which of course is me so i get it very well. haha. but its still funny. ^_^

ok ive made the site for the contest rules so far. please go visit if youd like some info or would like to be a judge. click the image please.

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